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Dear Customer,

The past five years, the world agriculture technology developed rapidly, crop output was a great improvement.But with the reduction of arable land, the population continued to increase, worsening the climate, and increasing demand for human food consumption, the world crop supply is still very tense. While extensive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has caused a serious decline in the quality of crops, food security has become our greatest worried thing. Such abuse also caused groundwater pollution and environmental pollution, a serious impact on human health.

The most regrettable is that high science and technology today, agricultural technology has made rapid development, but there are also a lot of technical serious abuses, especially hormone products, plant growth regulator products, a variety of new pesticides fungicides, the consequences of heavy use caused by the growing crop diseases, then increasing input of fertilizer and pesticide, agricultural production into a vicious circle.

Some high-end agriculture takes the form of organic farming, but the real organic farming standards are not uniform, the majority of organic farming is appropriate to reduce the use of highly toxic pesticide residues, crop quality is not greatly improved.

SONEF from China Taoist Heaven natural concept, the proposed concept of health fertilizers, the development of high-quality farming technology, agricultural technology allow for real human health services, this is the real technique fertilizer. While the face of complex organisms, the plant itself there are too many mysteries, transgenic debated topic, SONEF fertilizer technology, to simplify, use the Taoist theory of yin and yang, Eastern philosophy to design thinking fertilizer, fertilizer technology to ensure that the height and forward-looking, are real technical fertilizers.

Faced with increasingly tired land, fatigued crops and low-quality food, SONEF propose the concept of healthy fertilizer. Committed to the development of high-quality farming technology, let agricultural technology service for real human health.It is the real technology fertilizer.

While the face of complex organisms, there are too many mysteries on the plant itself , transgenic debated topic, SONEF fertilizer technology from Chinese Taoist Heaven natural concept, simplify the complicated, use Taoist yin and yang and five elements theory with a history of 5,000 years to design fertilizer, to ensure fertilizer technology position of height and forward-looking. This is the first time in human history.

Using healthy fertilizer, we can achieve:

1. Repair soil conditioning and restore the structure and fertility of the soil.

2. Let the plant strong growth, increase plant resistance, greatly reducing the use of pesticides.

3. Improve fertilizer use efficiency, reducing fertilizer use, to maintain a reasonable yield, greatly improving crop quality and taste.

SONEF developed a long-term development planning, is committed to the health fertilizers> Organic Agriculture > Healthy Organic Food> healthy organic medicine.

This is our health declaration. It is a big step in human history.