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Model NO.:sonef root care fertilizer
Classification:Biological Fertilizer
Release Type:Quick
Infection on Soil:Physiological Alkaline
Chemical Character:Chemical Alkaline



Organic Matter + Bacillus subtilis + Trichoderma viride 

Product features:

1.Inhibiting the propagation of pathogenic bacteria in the soil andthe invasion of pathogenic bacteria to the root of the plant. Prevent root rot, Rhizoctonia solani, Pythium aphanidermatum, Fusarium Wilt and other soil borne disease

2.Improve seed germination rate and seedling survival rate. Prevention of the genetic diseases of the seed itself, improve the survival rate of crops, promote root growth

3.Improve soil aggregate structure, soil improvement, increase soil water storage, and geothermal, alleviating continuous cropping obstacles

4.Inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the environment of breeding, reduce and prevent the occurrence of various fungus diseases

5. Soil organic matter decomposition into humus, greatly improve the soil fertility

6. Promote crop growth, maturity, reduce costs, increase production, increase revenue


Organic Matter + Effective Microorganisms

Product appearance: Black Brown Cylindrical shape

Product ingredients: organic matter + microbial flora

Product content: NPK5%+ organic matter 60%+ Bacillus subtilis 300000000 /g

               NPK5%+ organic matter 60%+ Bacillus subtilis 500000000 /g

               NPK4-3-3+ organic matter 60%+ Bacillus subtilis 500000000 /g

Product characteristics:

1. Stable performance, good buffering, shelf life and long longevity;

2. Decompose the organic compound that is not easy to absorb, Supply soil organic matter, adjust soil pH

3. Promote the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in soil, improve soil aggregate structure, restore the vitality of the soil;

4.Promote the synthesis of plant enzymes, improve the ability of plants to absorb nutrition, and promote the growth of plants;

5. Produce antibiotics, inhibit the occurrence of crop diseases and pests, and enhance the ability of drought, cold, drought and waterlogging;

6. Ease the pesticide, fertilizer residues and heavy metal ion damage, improve the quality, increase production.


Used by based, topdressing, Seedling for Vegetables


  1. 1. Fruit Tree: 1~3KG per tree, 
  2. 2. Vegetables: 400~1200kg per Hectare
  3. 3. Other Grain like cotton, wheat, corn, rice: 250kg per Hectare

Suitable Crops:


1. Vegetables: peppers, cucumber, bitter gourd, beans, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, watermelon, pumpkin, etc.


2. Fruit categories: bananas, citrus,oranges, grapefruit, mulberry, etc.


3. Other categories: wheat, corn, rice, cotton, ginseng, American ginseng, etc.

Packing: 1 PP bags= 40Kg or 50kg.

Shelf Life: 2Years (Not opened)


Storage: Cool and Dry place, not under sunshine, avoid high temp.& humidity



This product can be mixed with other fertilizer and normal non-basic insecticides. Avoid use fungicide at same time. 


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