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SONEF -humic acid granular organic fertilizer
SONEF -humic acid granular organic fertilizer
SONEF -humic acid granular organic fertilizer
Model NO.:Sonef Compound Fertilizer
Classification:Compound Fertilizer
Release Type:Slow
NPK Solubility: Water soluble
Type:humic acid fertilizer
Item:humic acid npk fertilizer

SONEF -humic acid granular organic fertilizer

Product Description



Humic acid is a principal component of humic substances, which are the major organic constituents of soil (humus), peatcoal, many upland streamsdystrophic lakes, and ocean water. It is produced by biodegradation of dead organic matter. It is not a single acid; rather, it is a complex mixture of many different acids containing carboxyl and phenolate groups so that the mixture behaves functionally as a dibasic acid or, occasionally, as a tribasic acid. Humic acids can form complexes with ions that are commonly found in the environment creating humic colloids. Humic and fulvic acids (fulvic acids are humic acids of lower molecular weight and higher oxygen content than other humic acids) are commonly used as a soil supplement in agriculture, and less commonly as a human nutritional supplement. As a nutrition supplement, fulvic acid can be found in a liquid form as a component of mineral colloids. Fulvic acids are poly-electrolytes and are unique colloids that diffuse easily through membranes whereas all other colloids do not.



  • Enhance nutrient uptake by combining nutrients and humic aid as well as keep a well-balanced nutrition.
  • Improve the structure of soil, increase the buffering powder of soil, optimize N. P. K absorption by plants.
  • Neutralize both acid and alkaline soils, regulate the PH value of soils, with the prominent effect in alkaline and acidic soil
  • Reduce nitrate leaking into the groundwater and protect the underground water
  • Enhance the resilience of crops, such as cold, drought, pest, disease and toppling resistance
  • Stabilize nitrogen and improve nitrogen efficiency (as an additive with urea)
  • Promote healthier, stronger plants and beautify appearance
  • Buffering the effects of excessive elements (particularly sodium), toxic chemicals and heavy metals.
  • Promoting seed germination in a shorter time
  • Offering soil structure improvement by promoting fungi to create a crumb structure for better water and oxygen intake and improved root penetration
  • Extending the performance of urea in the soil by 60-80 days and buffers the burning effect of urea as a foliar



Appearance                                                                    Powder                                            Crystal


Water solubility(dry basis)                                              75.0%min                                        75.0%min 


Humic acid(dry basis)                                                     60.0%min                                        60.0%min     


Potassium(K2Odry basis)                                               10.0%min                                        10.0%min


Moisture                                                                          15.0%max                                       15.0%max


PH                                                                                    9.0-11.0                                          9.0-11.0


0.5mm sieve residue                                                        5.0%max                                         



Size rate(2-5mm)                                                                                                                     90.0%min



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1.  Question: can you supply OEM?
       OEM is welcomed.
2.  Question: Is the Price on this page correct?
        All the listed price is only for reference, for latest price, please contact us directly.
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